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122 Icons

51 Lost {4.12/13 - There's no place like home part I & II} + 11 animated from the bloopers {season 3}

47 One Tree Hill

24 The Office {3.13 - The Return} + 9 animated from the bloopers {season 2}

Preview :

sawyer3.jpg image by Muse_021 haley14.jpg image by Muse_021 michael3-1.jpg image by Muse_021

01lock-1.jpg image by Muse_02102sawyer3.jpg image by Muse_02103sayid.jpg image by Muse_02104lock2.jpg image by Muse_021
05sawyer4.jpg image by Muse_02106lost_.jpg image by Muse_02107kate4.jpg image by Muse_02108kate3.jpg image by Muse_021
09kate2-1.jpg image by Muse_02110kate-1.jpg image by Muse_02111benlocke.jpg image by Muse_02112claire.jpg image by Muse_021
13d.jpg image by Muse_02114d2.jpg image by Muse_02115d5.jpg image by Muse_02116d3.jpg image by Muse_021
17d4.jpg image by Muse_02118jack-1.jpg image by Muse_02119jack2.jpg image by Muse_02120b.jpg image by Muse_021
21sawyer2.jpg image by Muse_02122sawyer.jpg image by Muse_02123benlocke.jpg image by Muse_02124jacksawyer.jpg image by Muse_021
25psdrose.jpg image by Muse_021261-1.jpg image by Muse_02127ben-1.jpg image by Muse_02128ben2.jpg image by Muse_021
29ben3.jpg image by Muse_02130desmond.jpg image by Muse_02131hurley.jpg image by Muse_02132hurley2.jpg image by Muse_021
33jack4.jpg image by Muse_02134watchinglost2.gif image by Muse_02135kate6.jpg image by Muse_02136michael-2.jpg image by Muse_021
37sawyer5.jpg image by Muse_02138sawyeraaron-1.jpg image by Muse_02139sawyerjack.jpg image by Muse_02140kate5.jpg image by Muse_021
41julietkate.gif image by Muse_02142julietgif.gif image by Muse_02143jackgif.gif image by Muse_02144hurleycharlie2.gif image by Muse_021
45hurleycharlie.gif image by Muse_02146des.gif image by Muse_02147claire2.gif image by Muse_02148charlie2.gif image by Muse_021
49charlie.gif image by Muse_02150bengif.gif image by Muse_02151sawyer-1.gif image by Muse_021

52brooke8.jpg image by Muse_02153brooke9.jpg image by Muse_02154brookelucasoth.jpg image by Muse_02155brookeoth.jpg image by Muse_021
56brooke2oth.jpg image by Muse_02157brooke3oth.jpg image by Muse_02158brooke5oth.jpg image by Muse_02159brooke6oth.jpg image by Muse_021
60brooke7.jpg image by Muse_02161brooke10.jpg image by Muse_02162brooke11.jpg image by Muse_02163brooke12.jpg image by Muse_021
64brooke13.jpg image by Muse_02165brooke14.jpg image by Muse_02166haley.jpg image by Muse_02167haley10.jpg image by Muse_021
68haley11.jpg image by Muse_02169haley12.jpg image by Muse_02170haley13.jpg image by Muse_02171haley14.jpg image by Muse_021
72haley3.jpg image by Muse_02173haley5.jpg image by Muse_02174haley8.jpg image by Muse_02175haleyoth.jpg image by Muse_021
76lucas.jpg image by Muse_02177lucas3.jpg image by Muse_02178lucas4.jpg image by Muse_02179lucas5.jpg image by Muse_021
80lucashales.jpg image by Muse_02181lucaspeyton.jpg image by Muse_02182luke.jpg image by Muse_02183nathan.jpg image by Muse_021
84nathan2.jpg image by Muse_02185nathan3.jpg image by Muse_02186nathan4.jpg image by Muse_02187nathan5.jpg image by Muse_021
88nathandan.jpg image by Muse_02189nathanhaley.jpg image by Muse_02190nathanhaley2.jpg image by Muse_02191nathanhaley_.jpg image by Muse_021
92nathanjamie.jpg image by Muse_02193peyton.jpg image by Muse_02194peyton3.jpg image by Muse_02195peyton5.jpg image by Muse_021
96peyton6.jpg image by Muse_02197peyton7.jpg image by Muse_02198peyton70.jpg image by Muse_021

0991-2.jpg image by Muse_021100angela-1.jpg image by Muse_021101angela2.jpg image by Muse_021102dwighto.jpg image by Muse_021
103jimto.jpg image by Muse_021104jimto2.jpg image by Muse_021105jimto3.jpg image by Muse_021106jimto4.jpg image by Muse_021
107michael-3.jpg image by Muse_021108michael3-1.jpg image by Muse_021109pamjimto.jpg image by Muse_021110pamto.jpg image by Muse_021
111pamto2.jpg image by Muse_021112pamto3.jpg image by Muse_021113quoteto.jpg image by Muse_021114pam-1.gif image by Muse_021
115michael2-2.gif image by Muse_021116jimjan.gif image by Muse_021117jim-1.gif image by Muse_021118dwightjim.gif image by Muse_021
119dwightevil.gif image by Muse_021120dwight-1.gif image by Muse_021121angela2-1.gif image by Muse_021122angela-2.gif image by Muse_021
Credit if you use :)
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snagging #47.
Oki enjoy ;)

Deleted comment

Thanks enjoy :D
LOL snagging 34, 42, 43 and 45. :)
XD Enjoy !
snagging a few oth icons :)
by the way, what episode is number 56 from? i can't remember :P
#56 is from 5x09. When the girls are in the library ;)
You know what would be super-cool? If you'd do 25-40 in the style of 1-24. Y'know, just for poops and twitters? Cuz those first 24 are, like, awesome. Totally. (I'm not a valleygirl, I just really like these!)
oki I'll try )


August 23 2008, 21:44:57 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  August 23 2008, 21:45:16 UTC

Snagging #50 thanks
Thank you :)
haha love these!
thanks :D
Thank you ! :D
YAY for animated blooper icons! Snagging: 42 & 47 - will credit
Thanks a lot ;)
I really love the effect of the first 24 icons! :D
They're dark without being distracting, and it fits the whole theme in Lost.
Love 6,9 and 12 especially. :)
That said, the other lost icons are pretty too--I love your colouring!
Thanks a lot :D I'm really glad you like them !
wow ur coloring is amazing
such beautiful icons
snagged a bunch of oth and will credit
thx for such beautiful icons
Thank You ! XD
All of them look great! I like that coloring you used. Snagged #74, #85 and will credit. Thanks!
Thank you ! Glad you like them ;)


August 24 2008, 11:16:46 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  August 24 2008, 11:17:04 UTC

*_* Snagging 11 and 50.
So brilliant, thank you!
Thanks a lot ! I'm glad you like them :D
The lost ones are genious. Snagging #4. Great work.
Thank You :)
snagged some oth icons. wonderful job. :]
Thanks ! XD
fantastic work!
i love the office collection!
i took 104, 105, and 120!!
Thank you ! :D
Vraiment super Camarade !!
J'adore les icones animés de "The Office" !!
Merci Camarade ! XD
Au fait, vu que la dernière fois, on s'est quitté un peu rapidement j'ai oublié de te prévenir que mon portable est HS, il ne marche plus du tout.


8 years ago

Snagging a couple of Lost ones - will credit!
Thank you :)
hey i'm snagging #99 because i love andy. i will credit :)
Thanks :)